Students & Postdocs

Current Yale Students and Postdocs

Elvira Mulyukova

Elvira Mulyukova (Postdoc starting June 2015)

Yang Liao

Yang Liao (Postdoc starting June 2015)

Past Yale Students and Postdocs

Zhenyu (Andy) Cai (Graduate Student). Now postdoc at University of Maryland

Brad Foley (Graduate Student); now postdoc at DTM Carnegie Inst. 

Karen Pazkowski (Graduate Student; now GSA Science Policy Fellow, Wash. DC)

Peter Driscoll (Postdoc, currently postdoc in Astronomy at Univ. Washington)

Viktoriya Yarushina (Postdoc), currently Research Scientist, Inst. for Energy, Norway

Billy Landuyt (Graduate Student; now Research Scientist at Exxon Mobil)

Garrett Leahy (Graduate Student; now Research Scientist, Roxar)

Ondrej Sramek (Graduate Student; now postdoc at University of Colorado, Boulder)

Sash Hier-Majumder (Postdoc; now Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University London)

Henri Samuel (Postdoc; now CNRS Director of Research, University Toulouse)

Guillaume Richard (Postdoc; now Assistant Prof. Univ. Orleans)

Chloé Michaut (Postdoc; now Assistant Professor IPG- Paris)

Bryony Youngs (Postdoc; now Geophysicist, Schlumberger)

John Rudge (Postdoc; now Lecturer, Cambridge University)