Former students and postdocs

Former postdoctoral researchers:

Laurel Yohe, 2018-2021. Currently Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina Charlotte and new joint genomics institute (dual appointment).

Shiro Egawa, 2018-2019. Currently research scientist at RIKEN Institute for Developmental Biology.

Daniel J. Field, 2016. Currently Lecturer (Assistant Professor equivalent) in Zoology at Cambridge University.

João Botelho, 2016-2019. Currently Assistant Professor of Biology at Catholic University of Chilé.

Macarena Faunes Carvallo, 2016-2019. Currently researcher at Catholic University of Chilé.

Adam C. Pritchard, 2015-2017. Currently Assistant Curator of Paleontology at Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Former Ph.D. students:

Daniel Smith (Ph.D.), 2016-2021. Offered Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral work at the University of Berlin.

Matteo Fabbri (Ph.D.), 2015-2021. Accepted postdoctoral research position at Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago.

Former visiting Ph.D. students:

Chun-Chi Liao (visiting Ph.D. from IVPP), 2019-2020.

Feng Li (visiting Ph.D. from IVPP), 2017.

Christopher Griffin (visiting Ph.D. from Virginia Tech), 2017-2018.