While there is already a vibrant paleontological and evolutionary development/functional biology community at Yale, several members of whom are working with me already, I will be taking my first round of graduate students during the fall 2014 application cycle. I am also open to proposals for postdoctoral work and, as a former undergraduate researcher at Yale myself, will be aggressively seeking undergraduates to complete projects in the lab. I am looking for people with a range of interests and backgrounds, especially paleontology and functional and developmental biology. Students and postdocs will find themselves provided with ample resources – intellectually, socially, and technologically – for investigations on the paleontology, development, anatomy, and function of any group of vertebrates. As explained on my front page, we have a full molecular development lab, state-of-the-art CT imaging and processing capabilities, and support for annual fieldwork as well as the range of resources the Peabody Museum of Natural History provides.

I am willing to develop new projects and to usher people into leading or contributing to existing ones in whatever proportion would best benefit their careers. Existing projects include several on the evolution and development of the skull and body at the base of mammals, birds, and tetrapods; on brain and skull development in a range of vertebrates; on locomotor and feeding evolution in birds, nonavian reptiles, and mammals; and field-based work on the Mesozoic origins of extant vertebrate radiations. I also have an ever-increasing collection of evolutionarily important fossils that require naming and description. We will work together to shape this component of your career in the way that is best for your future. On a personal note, I began my academic career at Yale. In Geology & Geophysics we pride ourselves on our tight community, on the places our people go, and on our lifelong support of our graduates, staff, and researchers. Once here you will always have a place to call home and a team to support you, in ways seen and unseen.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at or by telephone at 402-689-5998.