Students & postdocs

Postdoctoral researchers:

Savannah Olroyd, starting spring 2022. Tooth evolution and development.

Christopher Griffin, 2020-present. General archosaurian anatomy and systematics. Locomotor evolution and development in reptiles.

Zachary Morris, 2020-present. Palatal evolution and development in amniotes.

Laurel Yohe, 2018-2021. Starting fall 2021, Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina Charlotte and new joint genomics institute (dual appointment). Molecular evolution of olfactory and neural genes, brain evolution and development.

Ph.D. students:

Alexander Ruebenstahl (Ph.D.), 2019-present. Trunk and cranial anatomy and function in archosaurs.

Caleb Gordon (Ph.D.), 2018-present. Limb evolution and development in aquatic tetrapods. Cranial evolution, function, and development of archosaurs.

Kelsey Jenkins (Ph.D.), 2018-present. Early reptile evolution and musculoskeletal anatomy/function.

Daniel Smith (Ph.D.), 2016-2021. Offered Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral work at the University of Berlin. Muscle and musculoskeletal development and homology across Tetrapoda, especially postcranial.

Michael Hanson (Ph.D.), 2014-present. Avialan and avian systematics. Avialan cranial evolution and function; feeding apparatus evolution and development. 

Juri Miyamae (Ph.D.), 2015-present. Co-advised with Günter Wagner. Evolution, development, and function of facial musculature.

Matteo Fabbri (Ph.D.), 2015-2021. Accepted postdoctoral research position at Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. Brain and braincase co-evolution and development in archosaurs; archosaurian anatomy and paleobiology.