Spring 2017:

In the first of many of updates from an exciting year, check out the new IODP outreach video from Celli about how-to-be (and why-to-be) a shipboard sedimentologist on an ocean drilling expedition!  Check it out.

September 2016:

It has been a long summer of good-byes to post-docs with Luke Strotz off to University of Kansas, David Evans off to the University of St. Andrews  and Allison Hsiang about to head off to Swedish Museum of Natural History!    Here we are celebrating one of our last days with Allison, holding the lab logo mug she designed for us:

Celli's Group

Check it out the design in detail here :)

Hull Lab First Guard 2013-2016

March 2016:

Allison’s paper is out in the Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B special edition of the Regulators of Biodiversity in Deep Time!  With this, we are now able to rapidly extract 3D shapes from light images of fossils!  Exciting times.  

fossil images


October 2015:

Yes, we do have this much fun, all the time :)  Chair’s Reception 2015.

Chair's Reception Group

Chair's Reception Group

June 2015:

Congratulations to Leanne and Allison on their recent publications!

Allison’s paper on the evolutionary ecology of ancient snakes is out in BMC Evolutionary Biology. Check out all the exciting press here. For this work and others, Allison has been award the Department’s Estwing Hammer Prize (wohoo!)

Leanne’s paper on thermal stress response to diel vertical migration in Phronima sedentaria is out early online in the Journal of Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology-Part Awith a second paper to follow soon! 

April 2015:

The undergrads, impressive as always, had a big year. All rising seniors doing thesis research in the Hull group (Chris Bowman, Paige Breen, Sara Kahanomoku-Snelling, and Rain Tsong) fully funded their summer projects. Sara is at Berkeley, with Seth Finnegan and David Lindberg, working on limpet taxonomy and morphometrics. Paige spent six weeks in Bristol with Kirsty Edgar mastering middle Eocene foraminiferal taxonomy and is back at Yale for a month of geochemistry with Simon. Rain is lined up for a summer of Yale Geochemistry and is juggling trace metal geochemistry (with the Planavsky group & Michael) and carbonate chemistry and biogenic silica measurements (with Simon). Chris is taking a break from paleoceanography for the summer, and is off to the Caribbean for entomology!

There is so much exciting news from the undergrads that I’m sure I am missing some, but congratulations and good luck to Maddie as she heads off for a semester in New Zealand, Emma & Than in their summer research endeavors at Yale, Molly in Costa Rica, Maya off observing earth from space with NASA, and Sam up at Harvard!

March 2015:

A huge congratulations to Jana on her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! This is a prestigious fellowship and a super exciting accomplishment. Jana has been having quite the spring altogether, with a Cushman Foundation grant to fund her porosity research and an invitation to join the SCOR foraminiferal short course out on Catalina in late August. Way to go, Jana!

nsf logo

December 2014:

Megan, Michael, and Celli presented recent results on the K-Pg mass extinction and foraminiferal communities at the AGU Fall 2014 conference. Michael was a key organizer of the session ‘Global Climate Events and Ocean Chemistry of Palaeogene and K-Pg Transition II’, which was well attended even on the last day of the conference!

A big congratulations to Sara Kahanamoku-Snelling, who was selected to join the STARS II Program, in support of her senior thesis research on limpet assemblage structure. Sara’s research will combine the imaging approaches developed in Hull Lab (see AutoMorph) with the collections and expertise of her UC Berkeley mentors: Seth Finnegan and David LindbergUniversity of California Museum of Paleontology, to revisit macroecological patterns of community structure in marine mollusks.

November 2014:

Michael and Celli joined the El Kef Coring Project team at the Core Repository in Bremen to sample the Global Boundary Stratotype for the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction. They are part of an international, interdisciplinary team assembled to piece together the causes and consequences of the last mass extinction in great detail. For details see the El Kef Coring Project website.

El Kef Coring Project team    El Kef Coring Project team

August 2014:

Best wishes to our two youngest members of Team Mass Extinction as they head back to classes! Volkan Özen (left), an undergraduate at Istanbul Technical University, worked with Michael Henehan (right) on generating a Maastrichtian-Paleocene boron isotope record and Megan Mikenas (center), an undergraduate in Yale G&G and a Von Damm Summer fellow, worked to detail biotic responses to environmental events in the same interval. 

group pic

Pictures from Volkan’s good-bye party:

group party

Pincelli Hull picture

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sibert on her first publication and for leading the charge in documenting the response of open ocean fishes to the Cretaeous-Paleogene mass extinction! Read the article in Nature Geoscience and the highlights in Yale News (thanks to James Shelton & Pat Lynch).

cretaceous pacific ocean image

July 2014:

Celli and Michael will be presenting at the Climatic and Biotic Events of the Paleogene conference.

Celli is featured in a new “How Science Works” video produced by Dan Brinkhuis (Science Media) and Jen Collins (Ocean Leadership) in collaboration with Berkeley’s Understanding Science initiative.

Summer 2014:

Many congratulations to our many students and mentees who received research scholarships, grants, and program placements this summer! Well done and best wishes in your endeavors at Yale, out West, and in Africa and Europe!

Megan Mikenas received the Von Damm Summer fellowship to work on the ecological response to the K Pg mass extinction with Michael and Celli.

Volkan Özen is joining our lab for the summer to work with Michael to generate boron isotope records across the K-Pg boundary.

Spring 2014:

The new lab is officially open:

new lab group

new lab opening party

visitors to party      

wide shot image of new lab group