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Edward W. Bolton
Senior Research Scientist
Yale University
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Kline Geology Laboratory
P.O. Box 208109
New Haven, CT 06520-8109

Phone and fax
Office: 1(203) 432-3149
Fax: 1(203) 432-3149
Research Interests:
Flow, reaction, and transport in a heterogeneous porous medium (KINFLOW)
Modeling of oxidation of organic matter and pyrite in[soils
Hydrocarbon reservoir modeling
Modeling of circulation system in marine hydroid network of elastic tubes
Thermal convection in plane layers and spherical shells -simulations
Wavelet analysis of time series and climate indicators
Numerical methods for solution of partial differential equations
Experimenta fluid dynamics - initial bifurcations, rotating convection, bubble oscillations
Landform evolution -simulations
Flow visualization of common fluid instabilities
Information on codes to be released. (14 Mb pdf file)
Figures from Current Numerical Models (pdf format)
Weathering of albite / quartz matrix (present vs. hot-house Archean conditions)
Flow and reaction with heterogeneous permeability
Contact metamorphism of siliceous dolomites
Isotope exchange with recrystallization
Weathering of black shales: Field vs. model