Evans Lab: Students and Postdocs

last updated: July 2021 

photo: Henry Liu

Current postdocs

Jikai Ding (2020- ).  Topic: Paleomagnetism of Proterozoic supercratons and supercontinents.

Former postdocs

Bin Wen (2016-2019), currently on faculty at China University of Geosciences Wuhan.  Topic: Paleomagnetism and tectonic history of Tarim and Alxa terranes, central Asia.

Johanna Salminen (2010-12), currently on faculty at University of Helsinki, Finland.  Topic: Paleomagnetism of Mesoproterozoic mafic dykes in Finland (Baltica) and the São Francisco/Congo craton (Brazil/Angola).

Michiel de Kock (2007-08), currently on faculty at University of Johannesburg, South Africa.  Topic: Paleomagnetic study of the Agouron scientific drillcores and outcrops of the Ventersdorp and Transvaal successions, for refinement of the Kaapvaal craton apparent polar wander path; and a global review of “hard” hematite iron deposits from paleomagnetic constraints.

Aleksey Smirnov (2005-07), currently on faculty at Michigan Technical University.  Topic: Intensity and field morphology of the Archean-Paleoproterozoic geomagnetic field, and refinement of the Neoarchean apparent polar wander path for the Pilbara craton, Western Australia.

Current students (primary adviser or co-adviser)

Zheng Gong, PhD expected 2021.  Topic: Precambrian global tectonics, the geodynamo, and environmental change.

Frederic Dufour (McGill Univ. PhD expected 2023; primary adviser Prof. Galen Halverson).  Topic: Paleomagnetism of Meso-Neoproterozoic mafic intrusions in the Fury-Hecla, Borden, and Thule Basins, Laurentia.

James Pierce, PhD expected 2026.  Topic: Paleogeography and geodynamo evolution through the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition.

Eliza Poggi, BS expected 2023.  Topic: Paleomagnetic survey of early Ediacaran hematite-bearing strata in northern Utah.

Current graduate students (second discourse adviser)

Jonathan Wolf, PhD expected 2025.  Topic: Testing alternative supercontinent cycle models with paleolatitude distributions of global subduction zones.

Marit Wyatt, PhD expected 2025.  Topic: Timing of remagnetization in the Kaoko and Damara forelands, Namibia.

Alexie Millikin, PhD expected 2024.  Topic: A paleomagnetic fold test on Cryogenian interglacial strata, Kaoko foreland, Namibia.

Former students

Chiara Chung-Halpern, BS 2021.  Topic: Reconnaissance paleomagnetism of the Northern Rehoboth Basement Inlier, Namibia.

Vuong Mai, BS 2021.  Topic: Paleomagnetic regional survey of late magmatic & sedimentary rocks of the Southern Rehoboth Basement Inlier.

Emily Stewart, PhD 2020, currently postdoc at Caltech.  Topic (minor discourse): Further paleomagnetic study of the Keilberg cap carbonate, Etoto syncline, Namibia.

Devon Cole, PhD  2019, currently NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology.  Topic (minor discourse): Testing Vaalbara supercraton reconstructions with integrated paleomagnetism and U-Pb geochronology of mafic dykes from Pilbara, Western Australia.

Seamus Houlihan, BS  2019.  Topic: Paleomagnetism of Tonian dykes and lavas in the Welwitschia Inlier, northern Namibia.

Terry Isson, PhD  2019, currently on faculty at The University of Waikato, New Zealand.  Topic (minor discourse): Paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic investigation of an undeformed and unmetamorphosed section of Ediacaran postglacial cap carbonate, northernmost Namibia.

Ross Anderson, PhD  2017, currently Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford.  Topic (minor discourse): Paleomagnetism of Ediacaran strata in the Bonavista area of Newfoundland’s Avalon Zone.

Colton Lynner, PhD  2016, currently Assistant Professor at University of Delaware.  Topic (minor discourse): A paleomagnetic baked-contact test on Neoproterozoic-Cambrian mafic dykes in southern Namibia.

Chris Thissen, PhD  2016, currently Data Scientist at Vectra AI.  Topic (minor discourse): Detailed paleomagnetic reinvestigation of the Scaglia Rossa formation, Italy, and implications for Late Cretaceous true polar wander.

Olivia Walker, BS  2016, currently Research Associate at Natural Resources Defense Council.  Topic: Refined paleomagnetism of Mesoproterozoic rocks in the Kunene region, southern Congo craton, Namibia.

XinXin Xu, BS/MS  2016, currently Director of Corporate Development at KoBold Metals.  Topic: Paleomagnetism of the Mesoproterozoic Barby Formation, southern Namibia.

Taylor Kilian, PhD 2015, currently Data Scientist at KoBold Metals.  Topic: Paleomagnetism of Proterozoic dikes in the Wyoming craton: Implications for the assembly of Laurentia.

Tierney Larson, BS 2015, currently Analytical Lead at Indeed.com.  Topic: Meso-Neoproterozoic paleomagnetism of the southern Congo craton, Tanzania and Namibia.

Joe Panzik, PhD 2015, currently Research Assistant Professor at University of South Florida.  Thesis: Assessing Earth’s Proterozoic geomagnetic field geometry and paleogeography using theoretical and analytical techniques.

Jenna Hessert, BS 2014, currently Petroleum Geologist for EOG Resources.  Thesis: Paleomagnetic baked-contact tests in the Mesoproterozoic Sinclair region of Namibia.

Ross Mitchell, PhD 2013, currently Research Professor at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing.  Thesis: Supercontinents, true polar wander, and paleogeography of the Slave craton.

Jenn Kasbohm, BS 2013, currently NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University.  Thesis: A paleomagnetic reanalysis of the Auborus Formation, Namibia.

Dan Peppe, PhD 2009, currently on faculty at Baylor University.  Thesis: A High Resolution Chronostratigraphic Study of the Early Paleocene Floral Record in the Northern Great Plains.

Ian Rose, BS 2009, currently Berkeley Institute for Data Science Postdoctoral Scholar.  Thesis: Paleomagnetism of Mafic Dikes in the Northern Pilbara Craton, Western Australia.

Tim Raub, PhD 2008, currently on faculty at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.  Thesis: Prolonged Deglaciation of Snowball Earth.

Theresa Raub, PhD 2008.  Thesis: Paleomagnetism of Dubawnt Supergroup, Baker Lake Basin, Nunavut, Canada: Refining Laurentia’s Paleoproterozoic Apparent Polar Wander Path.

Catherine Izard, BS 2006, currently Director of Data Analytics at Opinion Dynamics.  Thesis: A Preliminary Paleomagnetic Investigation of the Long Range Dikes, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Eben Rose, MPhil 2004.  Topic: A geological appraisal of prebiology in Earth history.