Laboratories and Instruments

Ruth Blake’s laboratory is equipped for analytical geochemistry and microbiological research, including molecular biology, microscopy, and microbiological cultivation facilities. Analytical instruments include a Dionex 600 ion chromatograph for anion and cation analysis, a Beckman/Coulter DU 460 UV-Visible spectrophotomer, HACH field spectrophotometer, pH and specific-ion meters, macro and micro balances and water purification system (18 megaohm, pyrogen- and organic-free). Other equipment includes a Sorvall RC3B plus centrifuge, and an Aceglass UV photooxidation unit.

Ion chromatograph


Sorcall RC38 Plus

UV photo oxidation unit

Molecular biology equipment includes a Laminar flow PCR hood equipped with an ultraviolet light for sample preparation, and a physically separate PCR product room with a Whatman Biometra T-gradient thermal cycler and gel electrophoresis equipment. A Bio-Rad gel imaging and documentation system is available in the Environmental Science Center, as well as a Sorvall Legend RT centrifuge with a 96-well microplate rotor.

PCR Hood

Thermal cycler

Gel workstation

Gel doc system

Sorvall centrifuge

DNA sequencing is available in the DNA Analysis Facility on Science Hill, located in the Environmental Science Center. Additionally, DNA sequencing is available at Yale University’s W. M. Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory >Microbiological culturing equipment in the Blake laboratory includes an autoclave, water baths, gassing station for anaerobic culturing, walk-in cold room, -80ºC and -30ºC freezers„ and 37, 50, 75, and 90ºC dry incubators.

Microscopy facilities include a dedicated darkroom with a Zeiss Axiovert epifluorescence and phase contrast microscope with digital camera, and a Nikon E200 phase contrast microscope.

Zeiss Epifluorescence scope

The Earth System Center for Stable Isotopic Studies maintains four stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers with a variety of off- and on-line sample preparation systems including a Thermo Delta Plus XP, under the supervision of Dr. Ruth Blake, with a dual inlet and continous flow capabilities, coupled to a ThermoFinnigan TC/EA and ConFlo III with CTC CombiPal autosampler for liquid samples and Costech Zero Blank autosampler for solids and routinely used for analysis of oxygen from phosphate, sulfate and water, as well as carbon and oxygen in carbonate minerals and dissolved inorganic carbon.