Students and Postdocs

Sae Jung Chang

Associate Research Scientist

Biomineralization of Karst Cave deposits

Sitindra Dirghangi

Graduate Student (advisor Mark Pagani)

Biosynthetic hydrogen isotope fractionation of specific lipids for various eubacteria, protozoa, and archaea.

Deb Jaisi

Previous Interdepartmental Bateman Scholar
advised by:
Dr. Ruth E. Blake
Menachem Elimelech (Environmental Engineering)

Analysis of different P reservoirs in deep ocean sediments and soils, measurement of oxygen isotopes in different reactive phosphates; analysis of sorption/desorption of inorganic phosphate to iron-oxides; fate and mobility of carbon nanotubes in soil and sediments; community level impact on soil micro-organisms by deposited nano materials.

Lisa Stout

Previous Postdoc Associate 

Microbiology of extreme environments; microbial community composition and relation to geochemistry at St. Lucia; interactions of microbial communities with toxic elements; microbial growth across temperature gradients.