Juan Rosas (postdoc) - Juan received Ph.D. in 2016 from the University of Alberta, where he worked on the three-dimensional mantle dynamics of subduction zones. Now he is working on early Earth geodynamics, to better understand the likely mode of mantle convection in the Hadean.
Chhavi Jain (PhD candidate) - Chhavi has been trying to bridge experimental rock mechanics and numerical mantle dynamics, by developing a rigorous statistical method to extract flow laws from rock deformation data. She is currently conducting a comprehensive appraisal of published deformation data on olivine aggregates, and is also planning to embark on a new kind of geodynamical modeling incorporating the covariance information of mantle rheology.
Yoshinori Miyazaki (PhD candidate) - Yoshi has been working on the physical and chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks. This is the first step of building a new theory of planetary formation, in which astrophysics and cosmochemistry are united (finally) in a self-consistent manner.

Past Members and Projects:
Abigail Fraeman (B.Sc., 2009) - Thermal evolution of Mars
Ian Rose (B.Sc., 2009) - Scaling of bending dissipation in plate tectonics
Joseph O’Rourke (B.Sc., 2012) - Evolution of Venus and Super-Venus planets
Ben Mullet (B.Sc., 2013) - Markov chain Monte Carlo inversion for the rheology of olivine single crystals
Catherine Padhi (B.Sc., 2014) - Thermal evolution of Earth and xenon degassing
Tanya Lyubetskaya (M. Phil., 2005) - Composition of primitive mantle (I & II)
Erin Wirth (Ph.D, 2014) - Small-scale convection in the subduction zone mantle wedge
Adria Melendez (Ph.D., 2015, U. Barcelona) - Development of a 3-D seismic tomography code
Xu Chu (Ph.D., 2015) - Olivine rheology, shear stress, and grain growth in the lithospheric mantle
Tadashi Kito (postdoc, 2008-2010) - High-resolution teleseismic migration
Cecilia Cadio (postdoc, 2011-2014) - Thermal evolution of oceanic lithosphere, a new Bayesian inversion scheme of geoid anomalies, and the strength of oceanic lithosphere.