Ongoing Collaborations

Here is a brief list and description of major ongoing collaborations that we are involved in.


Dragonfly is a rotorcraft lander that will explore Titan in the 2030s. It is NASA’s fourth New Frontiers Program mission selection. This amazing mission will sample Titan’s surface materials, investigate prebiotic chemistry, and monitor, and make measurements of the atmosphere—including during flights.

Relevant papers and links:


ARTMIP is the Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project, a project to compare methods for detecting atmospheric rivers. The goal is to better understand and quantify uncertainties in atmospheric river science based on methodology. ARTMIP also maintains a series of detection catalogues and corresponding datasets.

Relevant papers and links:

  • Lora et al. (2020): This paper explores how ARTMIP methods agree and differ globally
  • Rutz et al. (2019): This is the main “Tier 1” ARTMIP paper that presents the initial results of the project
  • Shields et al. (2018): This paper describes the motivation and design of ARTMIP, along with preliminary results
  • ARTMIP website: This is the official website for ARTMIP


DIYnamics (“DIY” and “dynamics” combined) is a now-international project to design, test, and provide affordable, accessible geoscience demonstration and teaching materials so that anyone that is interested can do some hands-on climate science!

Relevant papers and links:

  • Hill et al. (2018): This BAMS paper describes the project and some of our materials
  • DIYnamics website: This is the official website for DIYnamics, which includes kits, videos, and a lot more