Students and Postdocs

Current Group Members:

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Seung Hun Baek: Hun researches large-scale hydroclimate variability using a combination of climate reconstructions, observational data, and climate model simulations.

J. Michael BattalioMichael studies atmospheric dynamics via comparative planetology, particularly focusing on Earth, Mars, and Titan. All three bodies are marked by storm systems that are controlled by the unique conditions and constituents of their atmospheres.

  • Will Rush
Graduate Students:

Sooman Han: Sooman is interested in the evolution and habitability of planets and worked on modeling Jupiter’s radiation belts before joining Lora’s group. Currently, he studies atmospheric dynamics of Titan using the Titan Atmospheric Model (TAM).

Nick Lombardo: Nick is broadly interested in the formation and evolution of planetary systems through the study of their atmospheric dynamics and chemistry. His research is primarily concerned with Titan’s stratosphere.

  • Serena Yang
  • Ashley Arroyo (minor discourse)
  • Zhiyuan Li (minor discourse)
  • Annika Margevich (minor discourse)
Undergraduate Students:
  • Ethan Olim


Past Group Members:

graduate students:
  • Guillaume Delaviel (minor discourse 2019–2021)
Undergraduate Students:
  • Kunsang Dorjee (Senior Thesis 2022)
  • Sofia Menemenlis (Senior Thesis 2020; Postgraduate Researcher 2020–2021)
  • Nick Archambault (Senior Thesis 2021)
  • Colin Baciocco (Senior Thesis 2021)
  • Mary Yap (Senior Thesis 2021)
  • Juliana Surprenant (Group Member 2020)
  • Mike Machado (Senior Thesis 2019)