Recent Publications (Last 5 Years)

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Zhao, M.†, Blake, R.E., Liang, Y.*, Dogru, D.*, Jaisi, D.P. †, Chang, S.J. † and Planavsky, N.J. (2021) Oxygen Isotopic Fingerprints On The Phosphorus Cycle Within the Deep Biosphere. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, .310: 169-186.
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Zhang, Y*., Wang, F†., Hudson-Edwards, K.A., Blake, R.E., Zhao, F., Yuan, Z., and Gao, W., (2020) Characterization of Mining-related Aromatic Contaminants in Active and Abandoned Metal(loid) Tailings Ponds. Environmental Science and Technology, 54(23), 15097-15107, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.0c03368
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Xia, C.*, Wang, F. , Zhang, Y., Tang, X., Blake, R.E., Li, H.*, Chang, S.J. † and Yu, C.†, (2019) Mechanism of methylphosphonic acid photo-degradation: Based on phosphate oxygen isotopes and density function theory. Royal Society Advances, 9: 31325-31332. DOI:10.1039/c9ra05169d.
Wang, F†., Yu, C. , Li, H*., Chang, S.J.†, and Blake, R.E. (2019) Effect of microbial growth rate on temperature and metabolic water recorded in 18O/16O ratios of PO4 in DNA. Chemical Geology.533:
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Zhao-Hua Jiang1, Han Zhang3, Deb P. Jaisi†, Ruth E. Blake, Ai-Rong Zheng1, Min Che1, An-Guo Peng, Xi-Guang Zhang, Chang-Shi Qi, Xue-Tie Lei, Kai-Qiang Kang, Zhi-Gang Chen (2017). The effect of sample treatment on the oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate pools in soils. Chemical Geology, 474: 9-16.