History of life
Geology & Geophysics/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 125
Instructors: Derek Briggs and Celli Hull
This course treats the history of life as evidenced by the fossil record.

History of life lab
Geology & Geophysics/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 126
Instructors: Derek Briggs
This course provides an introduction to the major fossil groups and their geological history.

Extraordinary glimpses of past life
Geology & Geophysics 355/655
Instructor: Derek Briggs 
This course considers the preservation and significance of exceptionally preserved fossil occurrences (Lagerstätten) through time.

Invertebrate form and function
Geology & Geophysics 516
Instructor: Derek Briggs
This course covers comparative functional morphology of selected invertebrates, with an emphasis on the evolution of form as revealed by the fossil record.

Tutorial in Paleobiology
Geology and Geophysics 800
Instructor: Derek Briggs
This seminar course for graduate students focuses on advance topics in paleobiology and evolutionary biology.