For Yale undergraduates: I have an array of research project ideas that are suitable for undergraduate research, so if you have a strong background in math and physics and like to work on the theoretical or computational side of earth and planetary sciences, please feel free to contact me. For examples of past undergraduate research, please see Fraeman and Korenaga [2010], Padhi et al. [2012], and Mullet et al. [2015].

For prospective graduate students: Students interested in geodynamics, seismology, or planetary physics are encouraged to apply through the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I am always looking for exceptionally talented and motivated students with a strong background in physics and applied mathematics. Being computationally savvy is also a plus.

For current graduate students: If you are looking for a minor discourse project in geodynamics, seismology, or planetary sciences (and happen to have a functioning brain), please drop me an email. I can set up a meeting to discuss potential project ideas. For examples of past minor discourse research, please see Chu and Korenaga [2012], Wirth and Korenaga [2012], and Servali and Korenaga [2018].

For postdoctoral students: If you are looking for a postdoctoral opening in the field of theoretical earth and planetary sciences (broadly defined) and are interested to join in my scientific endeavor, please email me your research statement and CV.