Juan Rosas Juan Rosas (postdoc) - Juan received Ph.D. in 2016 from the University of Alberta, where he worked on the three-dimensional mantle dynamics of subduction zones. Now he is working on early Earth geodynamics, to better understand the likely mode of mantle convection in the Hadean.
Chhavi Jain Chhavi Jain (PhD candidate) - Chhavi has been trying to bridge experimental rock mechanics and numerical mantle dynamics, by developing a rigorous statistical method to extract flow laws from rock deformation data. She is currently conducting a comprehensive appraisal of published deformation data on olivine aggregates, and is also planning to embark on a new kind of geodynamical modeling incorporating the covariance information of mantle rheology.
Yoshinori Miyazaki Yoshinori Miyazaki (PhD candidate) - Yoshi has been working on the physical and chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks. This is the first step of building a new theory of planetary formation, in which astrophysics and cosmochemistry are united (finally) in a self-consistent manner.

Past Members and Projects:
Abigail Fraeman (B.Sc., 2009) - Thermal evolution of Mars
Ian Rose (B.Sc., 2009) - Scaling of bending dissipation in plate tectonics
Joseph O’Rourke (B.Sc., 2012) - Evolution of Venus and Super-Venus planets
Ben Mullet (B.Sc., 2013) - Markov chain Monte Carlo inversion for the rheology of olivine single crystals
Catherine Padhi (B.Sc., 2014) - Thermal evolution of Earth and xenon degassing
Tanya Lyubetskaya (M. Phil., 2005) - Composition of primitive mantle (I & II)
Erin Wirth (Ph.D, 2014) - Small-scale convection in the subduction zone mantle wedge
Adria Melendez (Ph.D., 2015, U. Barcelona) - Development of a 3-D seismic tomography code
Xu Chu (Ph.D., 2015) - Olivine rheology, shear stress, and grain growth in the lithospheric mantle
Tadashi Kito (postdoc, 2008-2010) - High-resolution teleseismic migration
Cecilia Cadio (postdoc, 2011-2014) - Thermal evolution of oceanic lithosphere, a new Bayesian inversion scheme of geoid anomalies, and the strength of oceanic lithosphere.