Meng Guo Meng Guo (PhD candidate) - Meng has been working on the physics and chemistry of crust-mantle differentiation by building a new kind of geochemical box modeling. Recently, she has also started to explore Hadean ocean chemistry.
Amy Ferrick (PhD student) - Amy is currently developing new scaling laws of thermal convection that can take into account the effects of heating mode as well as mantle rheology, with applications to the evolution of terrestrial planets at large.
Steph Larsen Steph Larsen (PhD student) - Steph is currently building a new model for the early Earth landscape that is based on the thermal evolution of Earth and can also be coupled to the long-term evolution of atmosphere and oceans.
Darius Modirrousta-Galian (Postdoc) - Darius is an expert on the atmosphere of exoplanets, and he is currently working on hydrogen loss from early Venus and early Earth.

Past members and projects: