Yoshinori Miyazaki Yoshinori Miyazaki (PhD candidate) - Yoshi has been working on the physical and chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks. This is the first step of building a new theory of planetary formation, in which astrophysics and cosmochemistry are united (finally) in a self-consistent manner.
Puskar Mondal Puskar Mondal (PhD candidate) - Puskar works primarily on seismic anisotropy with Maureen Long, but also on geodynamics and nonlinear physics with me. He is currently developing a novel application of coarse graining to nonlinear elasticity.
Meng Guo Meng Guo (PhD candidate) - Meng has been working on the physics and chemistry of crust-mantle differentiation by building a new kind of geochemical box modeling. She also works on low-temperature geochemistry with Noah Planavsky.

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