For Yale undergraduates: Looking for an undergraduate research project or an idea for senior thesis research? Interested in exploring observational seismology? Looking to get out into the field and get your hands dirty? I am always eager to work with undergraduate researchers; please contact me to discuss ideas and potential projects.

For non-Yale undergraduates: I have previously hosted undergraduate summer interns through the IRIS Internship Program, is a terrific program that matches US undergraduates with hosts for the summer to carry out summer projects in seismology, and through the Yale SURF program. If you are a US undergraduate interested in summer research with me, I would encourage you to check out these programs, or contact me directly. Unfortunately, I do not generally have the funding or resources to sponsor summer interns from outside the United States.

For prospective graduate students: In general, there are ongoing opportunities for graduate students in my group and the geophysics group at Yale is always looking for talented and motivated students. If you are interested in graduate study in observational seismology and solid earth geophysics at Yale, please contact me to talk about opportunities and potential projects. Unfortunately, however, I will not be recruiting new graduate students to my group for Fall 2024. 

For current Yale graduate students: If you are looking for a minor discourse project and are interested in exploring observational seismology, please drop me an email and we can discuss ideas. If you’re interested in examples of publications based on minor discourse projects in my research group, check out these papers by Brad Foley,  Anwar Mohiuddin, Jie Deng, and Neta Bar.

For prospective postdoctoral researchers: I am very interested to hear from prospective postdocs whose research interests overlap with mine, although the availability of postdoc positions is always dependent on funding. If you are looking for a postdoc and have interests that are similar to mine, please drop me a line.

For Connecticut-based high school science teachers: I am the coordinator of the Field Experiences for Science Teachers (FEST) program, which provides one week of research experience to high school science teachers. For more information about the FEST program, please see the FEST website