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(*denotes graduate advisee; **denotes undergraduate advisee; ^denotes postdoctoral advisee)

I. Peer-reviewed papers

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II. Papers in Review/Revision

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III. Manuscripts in Preparation

P5. Servali, A.*, Long, M. D., Park, J., Benoit, M. H., Aragon, J. C.**, 2018. Love-to-Rayleigh wave scattering across the Eastern North American Margin. In preparation for Tectonophysics.

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P3. Arveson, S. M.*, Long, M. D., Wagner, L. S., Beck, S. L., Tavera, H., 2018. A search for ScSp phases beneath Peru and implications for the geometry of the Peruvian flat slab. In preparation for Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.

P2. Benoit, M. H., Aragon, J. C.**, Long, M. D., King, S. D., 2018. Crustal thickness and gravity variations across the central Appalachians and implications for crustal density and isostasy. In preparation for Geophysical Research Letters.

P1. Reiss, M. C.^, Long, M. D., 2018. Lower mantle structure beneath Africa: Constraints from differential splitting and travel time delays of SK(K)S phases. Manuscript in preparation.

IV. Other Contributions (non-peer reviewed)

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